Do you need someone to come out to your dealership to make minor cosmetic repairs?

Find out if our Mobile Touch Up unit is right for you

Q: Who is an ideal candidate to use our Inspection services and Mobile Touch Up Unit?
Any car dealership that sells used cars that need to be inspected and/or has minor cosmetic repairs.

Q: What kinds of repairs can be made from the mobile unit?

  • Plastic Bumper Repairs
  • Minor scratches or surface imperfections
  • Minor paint imperfections

Q: What if the car has more than just cosmetic repairs?

Freedom Auto Color and Body provides complimentary transportation to our body shop, where more complex repairs can be made, and then free transport back to the dealership.

Q: How long do the more complex repairs take?
Generally, 48 business hours. An exact time will be provided when the repair estimate is made. 

Q: Where will you travel to?
Any dealership in the Killeen, Temple or Copperas Cove, TX Area.

Q: Do we need to transport the cars to you?
No, we can travel to your dealership. 

Q: When can I make an appointment?
We work between 8am - 6pm, Monday through Friday

Q: How long will my inspection or repair take?
Inspections can be done quickly. For repairs it depends on the repair that needs to be made, in some instances Freedom Auto Color Paint & Body may need to work on the car two days in a row. 

Q: What kind of space will need to be provided?
We will need access to an area similar to 2 parking spaces.

Q: Where will you preform services?
Anywhere on your lot that provides us enough space to work.